The FBI model range

M City Bus

Keeping the City green

Large capacity with max.20+4 seats (total up to 45 passengers).

Low entry floor with rear wheelchair platform.

Options like: CNG engine; A/C; Heating; Electronic route information; Video and Ticketing support systems; Different seat model and lay-outs.

Efficiency; Low fuel consumption and extremely low emission.

Excellent handling thanks to engine performance, new Automatic gearbox, Telma retarder and general vehicle architecture.

P Suburban Bus

Flexible for any route

Extremely favourable GVW and capacity ratio.

Max. 33 normal seats - available as City or Intercity model and total up to 45 passenger.

Solution for any City, Suburban, Regional or for Schoolbus mission.

High productivity and low operational cost.

Very low fuel consumption and consequently extremely low emission.

L Intercity Bus

Connecting People

Certified M3-Class II vehicle, with max.31 Intercity seats + add. standing places, with variety of mission and options.

Passenger comfort and functionality with different seats configuration, models and execution.

Large luggage capacity.

High level of passenger safety, like: Structure strength (ECE 66), ESP 9, Telma retarder, LDWS. etc.

T Tourist Coach

Most Comfortable Journeys

Certified M3-Class III vehicle, with 27-29 seats of different configuration, models and execution.

Superior traveling performance thanks to engine characteristic and excellent handling also on narrow roads, at low noise and maximum comfort.

Wide choice of inside equipment and infotainment.

Excellent passenger's and driver's visibility.

Large luggage capacity.

Lot of passenger safety,

Including structure strength(ECE 66), ESP 9, RVC and LDWS.

S School Bus

Safe traveling for our future

Special designed for student?s transport.

Certified M3 Class II or III base vehicle. Certificated in line with International and National school bus regulation like DM 277(Italian).

From 33 up to 66 students, special
flexible seat arrangements available.

Variety of Options:
Different lengths and seat lay-out, Teacher's seat(s); Wheelchair lift and anchorage; A/C; Heating, etc.

Ultimate students Safety assured by: Structure strength (ECE 66), ESP 9,

C Cabrio Bus

Safe traveling for our future


Suburban, Line or School mini-bus

Unlimited Flexibility

GVW from 5,6 up to 6,5 tons.

Capacity from 16 up to 22+1 seats and luggage up to 2,5m3. Efficient solutions for city, suburban, regional and school mission.

CNG "natural power" for better ecology available. Multiple flexible Passenger seats layouts and types available according to mission.

Combination and regulation of inside and outside lighting.

Different A/C and Heating possibilities.

Tourist mini-coach

Unlimited Comfort

Excellent travelling performance with maximum seating comfort for 16 to 19+1 passenger with up to 2,5m3 luggage.

Wide choice of seat models, inside equipment and infotainment combinations (A/V, WiFi, Navigation, USB, etc.).

Efficient Heating and A/C with Automatic temp. control as well as double glassing as standard.

Body stilling fully harmonized with the new Daily.

Custom application mini-bus

Tailored to specific needs

Variety of options and custom solutions for transport of the disabled.

Wheelchair lift installation possibilities with payload up to 400kg.

Place and certified anchorage for wheelchair fixation as well as additional safety features.

Flexible seat layouts with possibility of "quick-fix" anchorage systems for easier adjustment.

Outside and inside lighting combinations for better passenger visibility and comfort.

VIDEO: FBI T – Tourist Coach

Enjoy our new presentation video of the FENIKSBUS TOURIST MIDIBUS, Model year 2018.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUBOzzucOFM

Your FENIKSBUS team.


11.5.2018 VIDEO: FBI T – Tourist Coach

Enjoy our new presentation video of the FENIKSBUS TOURIST MIDIBUS, Model year 2018.

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUBOzzucOFM

Your FENIKSBUS team.

01.1.2017 FENIKSBUS authorised Bodybuilder by IVECO BUS

Among the first selected companies FENIKSBUS has successfully completed the assessment procedures and has received the authorisation from IVECO BUS as certified Bodybuilder to become a member of IVECO BUSMASTER platform, which includes only the bus Bodybuilders being recognised as center of excellence for bodywork of IVECO products and having the ability to perform quality, competence and professional behaviour. The BUSMASTER logo will be clearly marked on every bus produced by FENIKSBUS starting from now.